Bringing the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan to San Antonio, Texas!



Practice traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan long form:  Gentle, soft, free-flowing, relaxing, invigorating...

Work on you mind-body connection and improve your physical structure, balance, focus...

Learn self defense, push hands, sword form...

Classes are suitable for all fitness levels -come by and you'll fit right in!

The first introductory class  is free  - try it out!

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Whether looking for health benefits or martial arts practice, Good Spirit offers a unique, in-depth and comprehensive experience in traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan in San Antonio!

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or call (210) 259-7095



Group and private classes are available.

Yang Cheng-Fu

Single Whip


Celebrating 20 Years of Tai Chi Practice


WORKSHOP on SATURDAY June 21st 10:30-12:00. Basics in Chi Kung meditation and breathing & fundamentals of T'ai Chi Movements.

Location: Alamo Studio @ 16675 Huebner Rd, 78248 (next to Alamo Gymnastics).

Pre-registration: $ 35;      At door: $ 45   

To register, email or call 210-259-7095.

Workshop is excellent for novice, beginner and intermediate practitioners -suitable for all fitness levels!


Class is cancelled on  Thursday June 19 and resumes Tuesday June 24.

Regular class location:  2147 N.W. Military Highway #1 ; Castle Hills, TX, 78213 (in San Antonio metro area). For more details, please click here.

 Introductory classes start at 7:30 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Read the San Antonio Express-News article featuring Good Spirit T'ai Chi Ch'uan

Good Spirit founder  Nameer Kirma was co-recipient of an outstanding project award at the Annual Community Service Learning Conference (2010) at the UT Health Science Center, San Antonio (UTHSCSA) for a study on the benefits of T'ai Chi Ch'uan on mobility. This study was funded by a grant from the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics, UTHSCSA.

Come Join Us! Learn how Tai Chi can improve your balance, strength, internal awareness- how it reduces stress and muscle tension, and provides a fresh outlook to life!

Your first introductory class is  free!  Try it out, then decide if you'd like to join!



Yang Cheng-Fu

Fair ladies working Shuttle

Chen Wei-Ming

Fan Hand Through Back

Chen Wei-Ming

Push Hands