A gentle and invigorating workout, T'ai Chi Ch'uan benefits mind and body...


An ancient form of exercise, a martial art embodying the Supreme Ultimate, T'ai Chi Chuan is suitable for all fitness levels...


Join the class to discover how T'ai Chi  Ch'uan can:


  • Improve your focus, concentration, mind body connection, and self-awareness...
  • Increase your flexibility, strength, and internal power...
  • Develop greater relaxation, calmness, and harmony...
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and muscle tension...
  • Learn self-defense, joint locks, and neutralizing techniques...


Whether in it for improving your health or learning self-defense, you will find that  T'ai Chi Ch'uan will enhance your mobility, coordination, and your focus. The slow meditative form wil help you learn how to relax through flowing movements and rythmic breathing. Maintaing the appropriate physical structure during the form will build your core, internal strength, and physical efficency.


For those interested in the martial aspects of T'ai Chi Ch'uan, the experience of push-hands will further enhance these benefits by allowing for better coordination, neutrallizing and responding to another person's energy and mass. Learning martial applications of T'ai Chi Ch'uan movements will result in efficient, effective and practical ability at defending one's self. Fa Jin (explosive energy) training, which is taught to advanced sudents interested in martial arts, is a central element in T'ai Chi Ch'uan to generate powerful strikes.   


In all, your goal will be to achieve Good Health and Good Spirit...


Student quotes regarding Tai Chi benefits:


"I find this class quiet and intense, calming and energizing, relaxing and challenging. Learning Tai Chi is improving my focus, coordination and balance - a great workout for both mind and body. Over time, I am feeling much healthier, fitter and more in control, both mentally and physically."


"I look forward to classes each week. Tai Chi has resulted in stronger leg muscles, greatly improved posture, and lower blood pressure."


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I have been a student of Nameer's for just over a year now , and I can't recommend his (...)

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Monday, 23 September 2013


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